JavaScript: Why write a self-executing function?

“Self-invocation (also known as auto-invocation) is when a function executes immediately upon its definition. This is a core pattern and serves as the foundation for many other patterns of JavaScript development.”
It’s all about variable scoping. Variables declared in the self-executing function are, by default, only available to code within the function. This allows code to be written without concern of how variables are named in other blocks of JS code.

Command Line Utilities

Beyond the basics (which might include cd, ls, rm, …):

add shortcuts: git st, git co, etc.

ctrl + a = go to beginning of current command
ctrl + e = go to end of current command
“bang bang” !!

files: find, grep,
text: sed, grep, cat,
networking: curl, wget,

stupidest / most damage:
rm -rf /
chmod 777 -R /
[some non-obviously inf recursive function]
[encrypt all personal files , send key thru email]

not covered, but may still be interesting:
scp, ssh,