Life Pillars

Do you take life seriously?

Do you think about the future? Perhaps even both your own, your family’s, your community’s… and so on?

I’ve found that I like developing systems and mental frameworks that I can rely on to give context and meaning to how I spend my time, and what I focus on, on a day to day and week to week basis.

The first one of these I’ve come up with is my Four+ Life Pillars.

Pillar 1: Health

Without your health, you have nothing.

And: health is at the root of all else in life. Improved health, both mental and physical, improves all other aspects of life.

Pillar 2: Relationships

Pillar 3: Education

Pillar 4: Financial Security

Chronic stress kills happiness. Financial worries causes such stress like few other things in life (health likely being one of them!).

It doesn’t take millions of dollars to be financially “secure”. (Side note: financial “independence” is a topic for another day.)

Key action items:

  • Spend less than you earn. Have a personal income and expense statement.
  • Always look to increase your earnings.

(Pillar 5: Creativity / Artistic expression)

The plus “+” signifies both that “Creativity/Artistic” is not absolutely essential, but still very valuable and fulfilling. It also signifies a wildcard, to be filled in by anyone with an extra factor that they consider critical to their future.